New after school Bus pick up locations

Pick up by cafeteria after school-Buses 50, 64, 25, 91, 30, 18, 3, 22

Pick up by English hall way closer to Wolters Busses- 13, 31, 45, 76, 41, 14, 71, 27, 81

All busses will leave at 4:10 once we get on a good routine.

Bus 63 (Lynchburg) and Bus 32 (Peidmont/Baytown) students will need to get on Bus 32 shuttle to south campus and the Lynchburg bus riders will then catch Bus 63 at South and students going to Peidmont/Baytown will stay on bus 32.  Bus 32 shuttle will be located in front of the band hall on Ivy.  It leaves at 4:05 so if you ride this bus you need to leave your 7th period class at 3:57. Just talk to your 7th period teacher, they will let you leave. IF you have questions about this please see Mrs. Cruz.

If you need to know what bus you ride, please see Mrs. Harris in the front office